Editorial from Freshfields Nursery School

Freshfields Nursery School has been benefiting from Linda’s talents and skills for many years. She comes to the nursery every week to delight and enthral the children with her songs and dances.
Linda caters for all age groups and ensures that her action songs and dances are relevant to the particular age group that she is working with. For example with the children in our Baby Unit she uses nursery rhyme songs and music with actions and uses puppets to engage the children. With the older children Linda makes up her own dances and songs, such as the 5 a Day fruit and Veg songs, which the children can often be heard singing later in the day long after Linda has left.

Linda is very enthusiastic and the children love her. Nearly all the children take part, even the youngest ones, who may just do the actions if they aren’t confident enough to do anything else. The regularity of Linda’s visits mean that the children soon get used to her and what she does, so before long they are joining in with gusto.